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When Tom Szaky founded TerraCycle in the early aughts, it was a fertilizer company: It fed worms organic waste, liquefied the result, and packaged it in used soda bottles.

The company’s first year of revenue was 2004, before the language of circular economy began to emerge. But the concept was baked in from its inception. TerraCycle’s first division, created in the early years, is all about collection and recycling — it sought to bend a linear system into a slightly more circular one. The second division is devoted to helping companies use recycled content to make their products. One example…

Image via Crescent Ridge Dairy

Saving the planet isn’t a solo mission. The genius of creating circular economies is that it helps reduce waste on a large scale: It requires change and participation from the companies that create what we use and also from the people who use those products. Adopting circular processes is one of the greatest lines of defense we have against our culture of consumerism, on both an ideological and a practical level.

While structural changes are paramount, we can take steps as individuals to reduce harm where it’s truly within our own control. …

Saving the planet from the magnitude of our own destruction is a big task. It’s so big that it can feel too big, too impossible, too late. It’s not too late, but with one big asterisk: We have to start now.

One way to waste no time is to build and generate momentum around our best ideas and solutions. That roll-your-sleeves-up-and-start-somewhere (meaningful!) spirit is foundational to the idea of a circular economy: It’s a way of doing business that allows us to use all the best concepts of sustainability and adapt them to any transactional context. To be circular…

It was 1986. McDonald’s had just opened its 9,007th franchise. This one sat in Rome’s Piazza di Spagna at the base of a staircase built in 1723, adjacent to the home where John Keats died in 1812, overlooking a fountain that was built in 1627. And now the American giant was bringing in fast food for the first time in the country’s history. The irony was not lost on locals.

Moments after opening, a crowd led by journalist Carlo Petrini began chanting, “We don’t want fast food. We want slow food!” It would take a few decades, but the Slow…

Ace of Air

100% circular beauty & wellness brand. Nature is our spirit, science is our guide, harmony for people and planet is our intent.

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